Castle of Frauenberg

Castle of Frauenberg

The Frauenburg was built in the 13th century in order to secure the estate and the crossing of the Nahe River for the regional sovereign family, the Sponheimer.

The castle was rebuilt and reconstracted until 1330. It was the residenc of the widow countess "loretta of sponheim".

At September 24. 1673 the castle was attacked by french soldiers. The next day they captured the towers, where 300 - 400 male inhabitants tried to defend the castle.

Not long after 1800 the french administration auctioneered the castle. After several owners Rhineland-Palatinate owns the castle till today.
The ruin is still  impressive because of its 2,50 Meter thick walls. There are two towers left. The access to the castle was between those towers when the castle was inhabeted in earlier days.

restoration of the frauenburg

From 2013 till 2015 the castle was restored elaborately. By the way slits where integrate into the walls of the towers, so bats still could get into the towers. The access to the towers is only possible during a guided tour.

Reopening of the castle in august 2015