oven museum

Oven museum

The oven museum in Reichenbach displays a fraction of artful and fine living culture and craftsmanship from the last three centuries. Admission is free. Visiting hours are in summertime on Sundays from 10 am to 5 pm.

"Wohltätig ist des Feuers Macht, wenn es bezähmt ist und bewacht."

(Comforting is the might of the fire, if it is tamed and guarded)

30 years ago familiy Lengler startet to collect and restore old ovens. At their museum they show 40 antique ovens of the last three centuries now.

The exhibits are various kinds of ovens used in the kitchen, for cooking and baking, or in the living room as a heating. They are rich decorated and have all shapes and sizes. There are also portraits and paintings of industrial scenes (blast furnace operation) and the family tree of family "Stumm".

Changing exhibitons make the museum attractiv all the time. With pleasure family Lenger is telling the story of each oven while drinking a cup of coffee and eating a homemade cake with you.